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  1. The harmony in joint efforts of school parent is compulsory to all round development of child/parent should not miss any visit in school, whenever school invites the parent. every visit of parent in school is important and meaningful for betterment of child and never be missed.
  2. After the admission, parents get to meet the incharge, teachers and the staff of the school to begin a fruitful parent school partnership. In odd hours, parent should not disturb the teachers or staff without any urgent reason.
  3. Time to time school held the parent teacher meet to check the progress of their child. It is a great opportunity for parent to know their little one, they can actively participate in the child's schooling and provide inputs that help the teachers. It increases the importance of child and their confidence gets a big boost.
  4. Health check-up and parenting workshops by renowned child specialist, and psychologist are organized by the school. So that parents can create extraordinary relationship with their child to gain valuable tips and understanding of their right role as parent.
  5. Birthday celebration for every child in school is held with their parent.This celebration enhances the self esteem of the child. This social occasion makes the family bond strong and makes the child emotionally balanced.
  6. School celebration the grand parent's day, mother's day, father's day. this is for honoring the elders, showing love and receiving blessings from entire family for the children.
  7. Sports day, Annual day of the school is celebrated by children with full enthusiasm, Where each child participate on stage/ground to show their excellence throughout the year. Parents see the culmination of year long achievement of their child. Sports activity inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in the child and nurturing thevalue of good health early in life.
  8. We look forward to your active participation on all these events. These great moments of your child's growing up years that you will always cherish.