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  1. After admission, parent have to pick n drop their child to school for one week At the time of picking the child parent need to show their guardian I-card issued by school at the time of admission. Otherwise child will not be handed over
  2. Students I-card should be pinned up in dress daily.
  3. Diary should be kept in bag daily. Because it works as mediator between teacher and parent.
  4. Parent should read the diary daily and sign the notes given by teacher acknowledgement.
  5. The child's school bag, bottle, tiffin, books, notebooks and shoes should be labelled with child's name.
  6. Put a pair of shorts, panties and hanky in the bag daily.
  7. Monthly/quarterly schedule provided by school should be kept safely" Otherwise penalty of Rs. 10 will be charged on 2nd copy.
  8. Fees must be paid latest by 10th of every month. After which penalty of Rs. 10 per day will be payable as late payment.
  9. If the fee gets delayed by a more then one month child will need to seek re admission.
  10. Parents are requested not to send fees through driver/maid/in bag. Later on no clarifications will be entertained at the school.
  11. Fees can be paid through cash/cheque/online.
  12. Parents should give one month pre notice to withdraw the child to avoid paying that month's fee.
  13. In case a child does not attend the school for more then one month without any Information, the admission will be considered as withdrawn.
  14. The fees once deposited would not be refunded.
  15. The child should not carry/wear valuable goods to school. The school will not be responsible any loss.
  16. Transport facility is optional. The facility can be avail only when the entire fees is paid in advance.The transport fees need to be paid for the month of June also.
  17. Please ensure that your child is ready 5 minutes before the schedule time. Van will not wait more than 2 minutes.
  18. Pick n dropping time can very 10-15 minutes from the fix schedule due to traffic or other circumstances.
  19. Please give pre-information to school authority, if your child is sick or not attending school.
  20. Please refrain calling the driver on his mobile, it may disturb his concentration while driving.


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